How to Redeem Punch Promo | June 2020

Karen Hourigan
20 days agoJune 25, 2020
I cannot get the promo to come up for me. I have tried several times. I'm spending over $350!
No punch?
19 days agoJune 26, 2020
I am spending over $125 and I am also not getting the pop up to add my free punch
15 days agoJune 30, 2020
I am spending over $125 and not seeing the promo for the free punch. Therefore, I've cancelled my order. PLEASE LET ME KNOW if you will honor the free punch and I will resubmit my order. MANY THANKS!
15 days agoJune 30, 2020
Have 2 orders and just realized the promo ended at noon today.  Is there any way to still get the punches?
15 days agoJuly 1, 2020
I was busy with work and also missed the deadline. I had over $275 in my cart but am also holding off waiting to hear.  Thanks
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