How to Redeem Your Throwback Punch

Sandra Lundgren
2 months agoSeptember 22, 2020
Can I just purchase the continuous gift border punch?  Thank you:)
Shauna Michaud
2 months agoSeptember 24, 2020
how can I purchase this 
I'm in Ontario, Canada
2 months agoSeptember 25, 2020
how can I get this offer I am in the UK?
Pennie Boyer
2 months agoSeptember 27, 2020
I am an advisor in Ontario and cannot order the punch at checkout.  I finally gave up and made the order anyway
Sally Zimmer
2 months agoSeptember 30, 2020
I already have these punches.
Gai Bennett
2 months agoOctober 2, 2020
Can't get the double-heart punch promotion to appear in cart or when I go to check out.
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